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T-Commerce | Free Commerce 

  • The Process of Commercialization  in our context implies the application of the T-Enterprise Theoretical Constructs to all spheres of the Enterprise. viz < Product/System Development ,Process Engineering , Enterprise Governance >
  • Our Approach to Commercialization intune with our philosophy of Redefining Definition ,differs from traditional Licensing practices.
  • We as a commercial Enterprise would offer [T- Futures] -> Rights to  T-Enterprise Free Scaling  Algorithms and its applicability in different disciplines of the enterprise.The Future is  "A P P L I C A T I O N" .our engagement transaction would rely on your professional Judgement in the pricing of  your future.We suggest a Calibrated approach.
  • All Rights [ T -Futures ] may be  acquired directly through T&C Vectors Engagement/Communications Channel.
  • Yours could be a Multinational Firm with sufficient resources and resolve to evolve , existing systems to , Future -Proof , Chaos - free systems .Likewise you could be a small High Energy Enterprising team aspiring to change the world.
  • From T&C Vectors perspective an equal opportunity to  Multinational Firms ,likewise to, Low Resource high energy Enterprising teams would only sets new thresholds to Professionalism.We call it  T-Commerce or Free commerce.
  • Engagement = Enterprise/Team  Inclination  --> (Cash)/(JV stake) Transaction --> T&C Vectors [T-Futures]- Accord  

  • Payment Transactions  Type :
    For Corporations and Large Firms or firms Directly/indirectly related to corporations: [One time]: Upfront Payment or ( JV Partnership Stake) (within 3 Months from letter of inclination)
  • For Smaller Enterprising Teams/Startups/Small Firms :[ ]: Joint Venture Partnership stake.
  • Note: T&C Vectors   maintains  all the Intellectual property rights related to  T-Enterprise Smart Algorithms. (Patent Pending).  The [ T -Futures ] are not Transferrable under any circumstance.Alternate channels would be arranged in due course.