T&C Vectors Design Bureau is a specialist Enterprise Engineering and Enterprise Achitecture Enterprise in pursuit of solving the worlds Toughest problems.

Enterprise Engineering is a discipline of systems Engineering that helps build Smarter Software Systems, Machine systems and Efficient People within the boundaries of a modern Enterprise.

The Software systems and Other solutions being developed by T&C Vectors are designed to last through the 21st century.

A world Full of Challenges

As we Understand there are approximately 6-7 Billion People on this Planet, with limited resources and opportunities for growth. Situation and Circumstances in the 19-20 Century were different from those present now. A Small fraction of People in the world are employed in the Organised Sectors and the world economies are heterogeneous in their stages of development. Most Countries are reeling under large Debt burdens run by Inefficient Governance ("Inefficiencies at Scale"). Most world economies are growing at rates that make life Uncertain and Unsustainable. Solving the Toughest challenges at this juncture not only requires World Scale Innovation but also Tenacity to Override difficult challenges. At T&C Vectors the approach to solving 21st Century problems at scale is guided by 6 core philosophies

6 core philosophies
  • Purpose in Thought, Action and Existence.( The Universe Seeks Purpose )
  • Truth in Engineering and Execution to build Smarter Efficient Enterprises and Public ecosystems, Utilising breakthrough autonomic Software and Governance systems. ( The Universe Seeks Effort, Work Ethics, Efficiency, Simplicity and Precision )
  • Critical & Vital Information for all Individuals and Enterprises all over the world, for smarter decisions.
  • Efficient Industrialization at "Scale" accomodating Large Workforces, creating large and sustainable Ecosystems.
  • Changing Human Behaviour and Enterprise Behaviour by changing the Techniques of how Ecosystems work ( from the behaviour of pure Self Preservation to, a Behaviour of coexistence in systemic Equilibrium - all in pursuit of a the Greater whole, a Greater good and a greater purpose. )
  • Promoting a Rigorous Culture of Collective Vision, collaborative behaviour collective agility and collective Responsibility.

21st Century Techniques & Methods to Change the Way the World Works.( In short - Shifting to a new Reality)

Some of the Principles, Processes, Methods, Techniques of yesteryears fail abysmally in todays circumstances/environment and therefore T&C Vectors is focussed on creating fundamentally new Techniques, Concepts and new knowledge to sustain this world towards the next century utilising principles of ( "Efficiencies at Scale" ).

A little Philosophy

Note: A little Philosophy may be accomodated into T&C Vectors Goals and Objectives. Life's Purpose is to "Execute, Execute and Execute", to amplify life's output. Systems thinking teaches us to measure Outputs and Inputs of a system and a similar guiding principle applies to life. Real life reflects maneuvering and evolving under difficult circumstances and constraints. Life is not meant to all freedom and frolic. We measure machines for their outputs and efficiency and similarly, life is measured by it's efficiency, and that's not exactly a well kept secret.
The Quote from the Film Matrix teaches us: We're not here because we're free; we're here because we're not free. There's no escaping reason, no denying purpose, for as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist. It is purpose that created us, purpose that connects us, purpose that pulls us, that guides us, that drives us, that binds us, it is purpose that defines us.

T&C Vectors Systems
Towards a Systems age.
Systematic Intelligent Planet

Projects in Progress - Research & Prototype stage

Systems Portfolio


XCritical is the Worlds First Artificially Intelligent "World Scale" Cloud Hosted , Super Integrated Operating System for Managing an Entire Planet, constituting of Enterprises, Universities, Governments and Individuals. It's Core Features Include :- Promotion of Systematic Contextual Information, Accurate Contextual Information Search, Critical Information Alert, Exclusive Trusted Private Messaging, Digital Passport based Commercial Engagement ( B2B, C2C, B2C ), Interactive Machine Generated Strategic Intelligence ( Machine Thinking ) and Realworld Location Sensing search.

  • XCritical Search ( 4 Core Search Engines )
  • XCritical Now ( Realworld Location sensing Search Engine )
  • XCritical ( Real Time Alerts, Private Trusted Messaging )
  • XCitical Intellience Plus [+] - ( Machine Generated Strategic Intelligence ( Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Thinking) )
  • XCritical Passport Plus [+] ( Direct Commercial Offers, Commercial Engagement (B2B, B2C,C2C), and Passport Plus Top Rankings )

One Single Registration at Xcritical - provides 5 Core Imperative, Innovative Services.

The Xcritical System makes the Entire planet's critical and Vital Information, pervasive. It introduces a Fundamentally new technique, an alternative to Marketing and Advertising. It's Passport Plus Channel redefines Enterprise engagement channels, and to a certain degree, enterprise economics.

XCritical DataCube™

Real time Strategic Business Intelligence Data for strategic analytics & Economics Research.It is also called a Digital Economics Lifeline.
XCritical DataCube™ (Details)

Enterprise Focus

is an Advanced Enterprise Management System, also called an Enterprise Nervous System or an Enterprise Operating System. It is a Next Generation System that Introduces the Concept of a Totally Managed and Programmed Enterprise – based on the principles of Super Fractal Engineering, Enterprise Collaboration, Collective Vision, Pervasive Information and Collective Enterprise Responsibility. It is Domain neutral, therefore it fits into any enterprise in any domain and allows effective &Intelligent Enterprise Governance. Can you Imagine Managing an Entire Enterprise from One Single DashBoard ? An enterprise where people process and product are all connected and Information is Pervasive.

Real time - Retail Solutions ( EF - Retail Flux systems )

Advanced Next generation Retail solutions - For Large, Medium and Small Enterprises. ( Enterprise Based Solutions and Datacenter Based Solutions )

Enterprise Warehousing, Distribution and Sales ( EF - WDS systems )

Advanced Large Datacenter Based Solutions to Manage & Monitor - Warehousing, Distribution & Sales functions of an Enterprise.

Logistics and Supply Chain Systems ( EF - LSC )

Advanced Large Datacenter Based Realtime Systems - Facilitating World Scale Supply Chain and Logistics.

IQ Flux

Advanced learning and Gaming solutions (Fundamental Research Complete). This system is the envisoned to be the Most sophisticated and Advanced learning and Gaming simulations platform the world is to see. It introduces the Concept of “Reality Synthesis”- ie how the Realworld can be simulated by a software system, and further, it allows a human beings to be a part of the Visually Interactive simulation ( a 3 Dimensional spatial simulation ).Can you Imagine Being inside a Simulated Game ?( Just like the Matrix )

Override ( Community Mutual Funds )

It's a Next Generation - Scientifically Engineered Financial Instrument designed to solve a Multitude of Financial and Economical Problems of the world. It creates value by creation of Work Contracts for Enterprises, creation of wealth , Distribution of wealth between Communities and Enterprises.
It doesn't have the Risk traits of instruments like Stocks and Mutual Funds. This Engineered financial Instrument would lead the world to financial freedom. TheResearch concept has been finalised, however it might take a while for this instrument to come into real world existence. Note: Community mutual funds dont collect funds to invest in the stock Market. Stock Markets are a Risky Proposition.
Community Mutual Funds(Details)

X Generation - Super Critical Lifelines for Aircraft/Marine/Rail systems

Advanced Largescale Datacenter and Iridium Satellite communications Based Critical Lifeline for Air, Marine and Rail Traffic. This System Introduces Alternative Next Generation Flight Navigation and Airport Ground Navigation for Aircrafts. It allows alternative communication channels between Aircrafts - AirTraffic Controllers and Emergency Rescue Teams. This system works on a similar principle with Marine and Rail Systems. This System enables Critical Monitoring of the Entire Planets Air, Marine and Rail traffic from Ground Based stations. It Can detect and prevent Aircraft/Marine/Rail Colisions without the use of Expensive Radar Technologies and Collision Avoidance systems. Further this system provides vital information about Unexpected adverse Weather Conditions. It facilitates Emergency Response and Rescue action in emergency situations and in eventuality of Accidents provides Critical Information leading to the Accident site. It further provides Vital Information leading to the cause of the Accident. It Works Even While the Aircraft/Ship/Train is out of Scope or reach of A Monitoring Station or Traffic Control Station. In case of Aircrafts The Ground based stations could provide Alternative Emergency Landing Sites and Procedures.

Digital Electronic Medical Records ( XCritical- EMR )

Advanced Large Datacenter Based Electronic Medical Record Systems - Facilitating Inexpensive Centralised EMR connecting Doctors, Hospitals and Patients.

Single Unified World Currency Solutions

Single World Currency Solutions ( WEC - World Economic Curency )

XCritical Power Systems ( Based on Nuclear Fusion )

Advanced Nuclear Fusion Based Power systems.

Digital VISA systems ( XCritical - QuickVISA )

Large Datacenter Based Electronic VISA Facilitation Systems for the Entire Planet.

Advanced Payment systems ( XCritical - QRPay )

Advanced Payment Systems - Facilitating Convenient Next Generation secure Electronic Commerce. This Systems extends to QueueFree Ticketing, Reservation, Security Checkpoint facilitation.

Next Generation - Aviation Reservation Systems ( EF - AVIA Flux )

Advanced Next generation Electronic Aviation Reservation Systems.

Next Generation - Rail Reservation Systems ( EF - RAIL Flux )

Advanced Next generation Electronic Rail Reservation Systems .

XView - Graphics Design Studio

Multidimensional Cubic General Purpose Graphics Design Studio.

Real time - Hotel Reservation Systems

Largescale Datacenter Based next generation Electronic Hotel Reservation Systems .

Very Long Term Projects

Advanced Interactive Intelligence ( Artificial Intelligence )

Artificial Intelligence based Intelligent Interactive systems - to assist in Enterprise Operations as well as Casual day to day Assistance for humans.